The safe trip to the Chernobyl zone
The safe trip to the Chernobyl zone



Chernobyl is the most famous Ukrainian phenomenon. If you plan to visit Ukraine or are already in the country, don’t miss the most important and unique experience and site.

The event, which got name “the Chernobyl Disaster”, has changed the trajectory of our civilization development. It is the most evident contribution of Ukraine into the global history. Its place – the Chernobyl Zone, with the nuclear power plant (NPP), which don’t produce energy anymore but instead paradoxically consumes it, and an abandoned ghost town of Pripyat, – like a time machine, let you see the events past and realize how both history and nature works. The intricate ensemble of hundreds of impressive technical and cultural monuments is surrounded and engulfed by flourishing nature, which has gone wild in this area. 

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Advanced skills and novel understanding, gained in practical dealing with radiation accident on their native land for more than quarter century, have made the Ukrainians the planetary leaders in the field. Our innovative Chernobyl trips employ all this front-line, cutting-edge expertise, and deliver it in clear, user-friendly and enjoyable way. You will learn many important yet not widely known things about radiation, radiation contamination and radiation survival, which are crucially useful nowadays, as the Fukushima accident has recently shown. Our trips are designed and often led by an internationally known expert in Chernobyl and radiation accidents Sergii MIRNYI,  who is also an award-winning writer, and was an officer of radiation reconnaissance in the Chernobyl Zone during the first months after the accident. 

Radiation makes the zone particularly interesting. Now at the ground there lays, in the thousand-times-decreased scale, a picture of contamination after a large radiation incident – the picture extremely intricate, interesting, representative also for chemical accidents and terrorist attacks, and fortunately already safe for the visitors. Of course, the Zone in its central part still has places with elevated radiation – but if you follow the suggested route and the guides’ directions, your visit to the Chernobyl zone will be absolutely radiation-safe

The Chernobyl tour will help you better understand deeper mechanisms of the world, in which you live, discover new amazing abilities of your body and psyche, rethink your life in much broader perspective – and hopefully change it for the better.

You can join our regular 1-day trip, with departure from Kiev at 8 a.m. and arrival back approximately at 8 p.m. in which you will visit the town of Chernobyl, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and observation site of the enormous Sarcophagus over its exploded reactor, and spend several hours in an abandoned ghost town of Pripyat which once 50 thousand population.

You are welcome to join our scheduled 1-day trip, during which you will see
(There can be some changes due to weather conditions!):
- the field camp of the 25th brigade of the radiation-chemical and bacteriological protection;
- the Zone checkpoint "Dytyatki";
- the abandoned village of Zalissja;
- the eliminated village of Kopachi;
- concrete-reloading unit, which was essential for erection of the Sarcophagus;
- the decontaminated Red Forest, located on the trace of the worst – first – release of the radiation directly after the explosion;
- the abandoned city of Pripyat, , which once had 50-thousand population;
- the Chernobyl NPP and the Sarcophagus;
- the town of Chornobyl, with the world’s best monument to the heroes of Chernobyl, and an open-air exhibition of vehicles and robots, which took part in the clean-up.


  • Before the departure, you will be requested to sign two documents, which confirm that you won't blame the Chernobyl zone administration and trip organizers for any possible health states, which may or may not occur during the trip or in the future.
  • We will travel by comfortable bus (DVD, condition).
  • You should have with you your passport. WITHOUT PASSPORT NO ONE IS LET IN THE ZONE!
  • In case of your absence at the meeting place at the time of departure the payment for the trip won’t be refunded.
  • According to the Zone regulations, you should wear:
    - a jacket or shirt with long sleeves
    - trousers (NO shorts, NO knee-breeches, NO shirts)
    - boots or sneakers, which fully cover your feet, WITHOUT FANCY OPENINGS.


The price of the general trips for one person 2400 UAH

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    Attention! The trip booking should be finalized at least 2 weeks before the date of the visit!!

    You can  send a request for a trip on the day that is convenient for you
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